Those little things

Sometimes “things” give us identity. An old family photo frame, a broken coffee mug, a diary notebook from high school or an expired passport are all we end up with. Sometimes these small things tell us who we are and remind us what to go back to. Displacement either as a refuge or immigrant will make us more motivated to collect and rely on such objects. We usually pick and put them inside small suitcases and go thousands of miles aways from home. In fact we carry them home with us and stick with it. Those little things are our home away from home.

In this on-going project, some random Iranian immigrants in the US are being selected and asked to choose what they have brought with themselves abroad. They were asked to pick the objects having a personal meaning of home to them. They were directed to use a accessible photography tool as simple as a smart phone to take picture and add to the project. This photo series is joint with an Iranian podcast called “myhomescast” in Farsi ( which does interview and narrates the story of Iranian immigrants around the world. 

2018 - present
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